Marius Bauer: premiere of the most famous orientalist from the Netherlands

Marius Bauer: premiere of the most famous orientalist from the Netherlands

Thu, 2013-10-03

The exhibition ‘Marius Bauer (1867-1932), Dutch Orientalist back in Russia' opened september 23, 2013. This exhibition is one of the most important events in the framework of the bilateral year Netherlands - Russia 2013.


One year ago, Lia Gorter, director of the Foundation for Cultural Inventory went to the State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan to study the Dutch and Flemish collection of the museum. She exchanged information about attribution, condition and stressed the importance of this collection. During this work trip, Lia Gorter made plans with Rozaliya Nourgaleyeva, director of the Museum in Kazan, for future discussions, including the ability to organize an exhibition of the artist Marius Bauer.


That day became september 23, 2013. The exhibition opened in the Kazan Museum. Up until this moment, the audience may have enjoyed the artwork before in Turkey and after that in Moscow, in the Museum of Oriental Art.


In 1896, Marius Bauer was in Moscow. The curator of the exhibition, Bernard Vermet, has been trying to figure out the address of the artist in Moscow after studying the diaries, letters and stories of Marius Bauer. He found out that the artist was staying in Moscow not far from the location of today’s Museum of Oriental Art. Not much is known about the stay of the artist in Kazan - but not all archive documents of Marius Bauer have been thoroughly studied. Perhaps the artist had indeed been to Kazan.


After the festive opening, it was possible to visit the exhibition. This exhibition contains about 100 works on loan from private collectors and the Archive of the Royal House, Stichting Historische Verzameling van Oranje-Nassau.


Bauer Documentatie Stichting
The representative of the Bauer Documentation Foundation (BDS), Klaske Hoekstra, reported that the next day, September 24, the Foundation celebrates its 17th anniversary. With great enthusiasm she recounts on the history of the foundation: "In 1994, two admirers of the work of Marius Bauer met through an ad that was posted by one of them in a popular newspaper. The ad read: I am looking for those who can tell me all about Bauer, his work and his life.”


In 1996, the BDS was formed and Klaske Hoekstra received an invitation to become secretary of the foundation. From that year on, she has been busy constantly and has accomplished a lot of work. Among the Friends of BDS are relatives of Marius Bauer, of his wife Jo Stumpff and many collectors and admirers of his work. The majority of loans in this exhibition comes from the Friends of BDS.


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