Newsletter June 2015: Master class Omsk and tv-broadcast

Newsletter June 2015: Master class Omsk and tv-broadcast

Mon, 2015-07-06

The Dutch influence on Russian painting


was the theme of the third Master class for 10 Siberian museums that have Dutch and Flemish masters in their collections. The gathering again took place in Omsk, from 8 – 12 June, and this time we were able to welcome a museum from Kazakhstan.

The Dutch influence on Russian painting initially became apparent in the beginning of Russian profane painting. The first purchases of Tsar Peter the Great are the beginning of the huge collections in The Hermitage and of subsequent distributions in regional museums in Russia.


In cooperation with several Russian and Dutch institutions, SCI tackled different aspects of this subject. Involved institutions such as GOSNIIR, the State Institute of Restoration, the Vrubel Museum in Omsk, Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL), and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands held lectures and gave workshops on their field of expertise. Art historians presented research on the influence of Dutch painting in the 17th to the 19th centuries.


The impact came in the form of a television broadcast of 30 minutes on the workshops by Kate Seymour (SRAL) and Christiaan Vogelaar (Lakenhal, Leiden). One of the examples in the show is about the restoration of Rembrandt's Danae from the Hermitage which, thanks to a 19th century copy of the Vrubel Museum and the great efforts of the restorers of the Hermitage has been brought to a successful conclusion. Lia Gorter is interviewed on the origins of the vast collections Dutch and Flemish art in Russian museums of which the majority is not documented or researched. The broadcast also sheds some light on the position of restorers, copyists and counterfeiters in the Russian Federation. This includes the forgeries by Han van Meegeren.  


Non-Russian speakers are also given a good impression of the work of SCI and how a Master class can bring about a great deal of discussion.


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