A working visit from Azerbaijan

A working visit from Azerbaijan

Sun, 2015-08-30


A delegation from the National Museum of Fine Arts Baku, Azerbaijan, visited our country from 6 – 11 August.

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Photos above::
Left: The restoration studio in the Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht: left to right: Mehriban Nuriyeva, head dptm. Painting National Museum Baku, Amina Melnikova, head foreign affairs National Museum Baku, Jos van Och, restoration department SRAL, Lia Gorter, SCI, Jan Hesseling, board SCI, Anne van Grevenstein, former director SRAL and Em. professor UvA. 
Right: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Farida Guseynova and Mehriban Nuriyeva.


The delegation was formed by: Ramil Ali-Zada and Amina Melikova, head od Foreign Affairs, Mehriban Nuriyeva, head of the department of paintings of the museum. The Foundation for Cultural Inventory (Amsterdam) received them.  

The goal of the visit was to give the guests an impression of the possibilities for restoration and of the school for restorers. The visit also was meant to spark ideas for the redevelopment of the National Museum Baku, which is currently under construction.


The board members Jan Hesselink and Lia Gorter acquainted our guests with the work of the Stichting Restuaratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL) on 7 August. Em. Prof. Anne van Grevenstein, the former director, and drs. Jos van Och, head of the paintings restoration department, acted as guides.
The tour started in the Bonnefantenmuseum, where they are working on the restoration of a painted interior of a monument from The Hague from the 18th century, which is visible to the public.
The restoration is publically accessible and can be closely followed by visitors of the museum. The public can also learn all about several tools and pigments that were used by painters. The material is presented in showcases and an instructive video.
Next, the visitors got a guided tour through several departments of SRAL: paintings on panel, linen, sculptures, conserving modern materials and the different laboratories.
They met with several international students currently studying in SRAL, their nationalities ranging from Portuguese to Norwegian and Dutch.
The day concluded with a short visit to the special collections of the Bonnefantenmuseum and sightseeing the city of Maastricht.


On the 8th, the journey continued to Amsterdam.
The guests stayed with board member of SCI Christiaan Vogelaar, who also took care of dinner.

The following day started with a visit to the Rijksmuseum. The impressive hall of fame and the presentation of the objects in the rooms were inspiring to our guests, who are currently brainstorming about the presentation of their own collection in their museum that reopens in 2016/2017.
Another important detail proved to be the intimacy of the presentation of the collection in the Rembrandtmuseum, which displays a lot of information in a very limited amount of space, while still creating a friendly environment for visitors.
This Sunday was concluded with a reception and dinner by Juliana and Jan Hesseling.


The Hague           
The intensive working visit came to an end by visiting the collection of the Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague and the presentation of the research after Rembrandt’s painting Saul and David.

Our guests took a tour in a tram and enjoyed a cup of coffee in the sun with a view of the Noordzee on the terrace of the Kurhaus.
Over coffee, we came to the following agreements:

1. We will organize a course on restoration in the second half of January – end of February in 2016, in Baku. No more than 12 participants; restorers of the national Museum, restorers of other museums, talented student in their final year of the school of restorers in Baku.
2. We will make a divided budget. The costs for Baku and the costs for the Netherlands.
3. SCI will contact the Dutch Embassy to include them on the plans and to ask them to introduce the museum to Dutch companies who might be interested in sponsoring.
4. SCI will send the proposed budget to the Ministry of Culture in Azebaijan.
5. The organization and coordination in the Netherlands is for SCI, Lia Gorter.
6. The organization and coordination in Baku is for the National Museum, Amina Melikova.


Lia Gorter.