Masterclass in the CSMVS, Mumbai

Masterclass in the CSMVS, Mumbai

Wed, 2018-10-17

Dutch Masters Abroad


Masterclass in the CSMVS, formerly known as Prince of Wales Museum, in Mumbai


From October 29 to November 1, SCI organizes in collaboration with the National Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) and the Restoration Atelier Limburg Foundation (SRAL) a Masterclass about the Dutch and Flemish masters in the MACC, the restoration department of the museum.


The MACC team consists of 25-30 employees, including curators and conservators, assistants, research and documentation staff. The employees are encouraged to deepen their knowledge skills.


Bernard Vermet (SCI) will highlight the attributions and art-historical aspects of the collection. Kate Seymour, head of education SRAL, will examine the Dutch panel paintings from the seventeenth century together with the restorers of the museum and draw up a treatment program. Lia Gorter (SCI) will explain the importance of digitizing art collections. New insights and aspects of

the management and preservation of the historical collections of Dutch Masters across the borders.