The Azerbaijan National Art Museum

The Azerbaijan National Art Museum

The Azerbaijani National Museum of Art is the national treasury presenting works of art from the earliest ages to the present day. In the museum collection works by Western European, Russian and Azerbaijani artists are represented. The Museum was founded in 1924 as part of the Art Department of the Azerbaijani State Museum but received an independent museum status in 1936. The museum is located in two buildings of the 19th century, which are now interconnected into a single complex. Originally it was a palace built in 1891-1893 for the Dutch trader Leo De Boure, one of Baku’s 19th century oil millionaires.


The collection consists of over 17,000 exhibits. Part of the art objects is shown by country in a historical chronological order. In the European halls, visitors see works by Italian artists and ceramists of 16-18 centuries, paintings by Flemish and Dutch artists and works by German and French painters of 16-19.


The Russian section contains works by famous members of the Russian Art School of the end of 17th – beginning of 20th century, among which are:


L. Borovikovsky, V.A. Tropinin, brothers Makowski, I.K. Aivazovski, A.İ. Kuinji, V.V. Vereshagin, etc.


The Azerbaijani part familiarizes the guests with ancient art of our country starting with 4-3 centuries BC. Here are presented the beautiful samples of ancient and middle age ceramics and items of metal of high art; ancient carpets and rugs; miniatures and handwritten books, national dresses and jewellery.


In the section of 20th century, there are works of arts by Azerbaijani artists who are well known in the Republic as well as outside it, there are


S. Bakhlulzade, M. Abdullayev,
T. Salahov, T. Narimanbekov,
R. Babayev, O. Eldarov, L. Kerimov, K. Aliyev.


The museum regularly organizes exhibitions of national and international importance.


Head of collections: Nailya Rahimova




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