Association of Museum Professionals of the Russian Regions (AMR)

The Association of museum professionals of the Russian regions (AMR) unites nearly 500 museums in which small and sometimes very important collections of Dutch and Flemish art are located. The catalogues of these collections can be out of date, too brief, or simply not present.

The Foundation for Cultural Inventory has taken up working together with the AMR in 2007. Seven museums were given courses. Two goals of this collaboration were as follows:


Firstly, the Russian collections were barely digitalized. An exchange of knowledge was able to make a change. The small collections from the lower countries, about 100 pieces of art each, were large enough to function as material for the course.

Secondly, SCI was able to examine the digital data that were available at the Russian museums, for further research and publication. The regional museums that took part, spread out over a large area in the Ural, could now go on to further digitalize their collections in order to become more known in Russia and beyond. An additional benefit was the fact that digitizing a collection prevents theft.

Working together with the AMR has proved to be very fruitful.

On the right, you can find the collection Dutch and Flemish art of the Tula Museum of Fine Arts (PDF).