The National Museum in Belgrade is in the possession of about a 100 paintings by Dutch and Flemish masters, as well as a comparable collection early modernists. The latter was a gift by the cities of Amsterdam and Brussels.

The Museum also has an elaborate collection of prints with 300 Dutch and Flemish old prints. Amongst the old masters are Maerten de Vos, Jan Brueghel the Elder, Jan van Goyen and Willem van Aelst. The gift from Amsterdam contains, among others, works of Van Gogh and Mondriaan.

In 2003 the National Museum of Belgrade was completely rebuilt and redecorated. The preparation of this consisted of an evaluation of the collections. SCI was part of this evaluation and studied/digitalized the Dutch and Flemish collection.

During this evaluation a remarkable discovery was made. ‘Inventorynumber 1100’ turned out to be a panel by Juan de Flandes that was assumed to be lost. Not only was this panel assumed to be lost, but it was also part of a great altarpiece consisting of five panels: the Miraflores altarpiece.


211 kunstwerken
2003 - 2010
type of project
inventory, digitalisation, restoration, publication


  • Curators Of Dutch And Flemish Art (Codart)