Disclosing Dutch and Flemish Master Paintings Abroad

The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus has a small but interesting collection of Dutch and Flemish art. With the financial support of the Cultural Counsellor from the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw it was possible for two members of the Board Jan Hesseling and Lia Gorter, director of the Foundation, to make an inventory of the Dutch and Flemish collection in the Museum 14-16 April 2016.
Director Vladimir Prokoptsev had the collection recently photographed and provided us with high quality digital information. Curator Svetlana Prokopyeva has been very helpful to show the whole collection in the very short time available. She studied the collection and with the assistance of colleagues from the Hermitage in St.-Petersburg she made extensive research in archives and literature.
This online provisional catalogue discloses Svetlana’s work. We are very happy to present her work on our website to make it this way accessible for art historical researchers and a broader public.

The overview of the Dutch and Flemish collection of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus has been updated in cooperation with; Svetlana Prokopyeva, Republic of Belarus, Lia Gorter, Jan Hesseling (board member SCI), Bernard Vermet, art historian SCI, Farida Guseynova, art historian SCI.


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