NLRF 2013: Marius Bauer

Exhibition ‘Marius Bauer (1867 – 1932) Dutch Orientalist Back in Russia’. May 27 – September 9 in the Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow and September 23 – December 9 in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan.


This exhibition was realized in collaboration with The Bauer Documentation Foundation (BDS), and with the help of the Dutch Embassy in Moscow.

The exhibition consisted of 90 objects of which only two came from museums. The remaining 88 came from the collections of private collectors. BDS has taken care of the coordination of transport and maintained contact with the collectors. SCI maintained contact with the Museum of Oriental Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in Kazan.


SCI and BDS organized the weeklong stay of Evgenya Karlova from the Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow in order to visit private collectors and make choices for the exhibition, which was supplemented with objects from the rich collection of objects from the Museum of Oriental Art.

The catalogue is written by Bernard Vermet, SCI, and the translation into English by Myra van der Velde, SCI, the corrections by Marijcke van Dongen, SCI, and its translation into Russian by S. Lapina. The Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow, carried out the production.


The exhibition was a great success. The Russian press, including tvKultura, have paid ample attention to this special exhibition ‘in which Russia is seen through the eyes of a foreigner’. Especially the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II in 1896 and the accompanying entourage were an important part of the exhibition, which was the reason for the event to be held in the Netherlands – Russia Year.

The exhibition was held at a second location in Kazan, Tatarstan. The Museum of Fine Arts in Kazan has an important collection of oriental objects, which gave the works of Bauer an entirely different arrangement to be fully appreciated. This exhibition was held from September 23 to December 9. Responsible curator for the project was Bernard Vermet, SCI.


90 objecten
2012 - 2013
type of project
publication, exhibition