In 2004-2005 an exhibition was organized in Tallinn, Estonia, of Dutch and Flemish art  of three museums: the Kadriorg Art Museum, the Mikkel Museum and the Niguliste Museum.

The Niguliste Museum is housed in the former St. Nicolaschurch, that was rebuilt in 1984 as a museum and concerthall. Beautiful altarpieces, of which five SCI has made an inventory, and medieval sculptures are best placed and viewed in this building.

The Dutch and Flemish art can be shown mostly in the former Tsar residence, The Kadriorg Palacewhich is now restored and adapted to its current museum function. Tsar Peter the Great started the construction and named the palace after his wife Catherine I. The name Kadri is a detoriation of Catherine. The Dutch and Flemish masters in the art collection of Estonia have been housed here since 2000.

Porcelain, drawings and graphic arts can be largely found in the former kitchen of the palace, The Mikkel Museum. This building has also been restored and named after the Estonian collector Johannes Mikkel, who donated his collection to the state in 1996.
In 2012, The Kadriorg Art Museum published its first extensive catalogue of Dutch and Flemish art, Madalmaade kunst Kadrioru kunstimuuseumis. The Art of the Low Countries at the Kadriorg Art Museum.


111 kunstwerken
2002 - 2005
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