Juan de Flandes en het Mirifloresretabel, Gesignaleerd en Opgespoord


In 2003, the Belgrade National Museum was completely renovated and refurbished. The preparations for this included an evaluation of the collections.

As part of this evaluation, the SCI spent a week studying and digitally recording the Dutch and Flemish collection in January 2003.

A remarkable discovery was made during this evaluation. ‘Inventory number 1100’ turned out to be a panel by Juan de Flandes that had been thought to be lost. Not only was the panel presumed lost, but it was also part of a beautiful large five-part altarpiece: The Miraflores Table. The other parts were located in Madrid, Cleveland, Geneva and Antwerp. The panels have had to miss each other for centuries. A restoration and reunification of the panels ensured that a unique exhibition could take place, which received a lot of attention.

The fascinating restoration process and the stunning result is documented in this book.


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